Mental Health Awareness Month

Mental health awareness week

Mental Health Awareness Week (14 to 20 May 2018) is about stress and how we’re coping with it.

Understanding the difference between pressure and stress?

Pressures in life are inevitable, but we react to things that cause us pressure in two ways – they lead to personal growth if we believe we can manage them effectively, or they cause stress if we feel we cannot cope with them.

Stress arises from how you perceive a situation. If you see yourself as being unable to cope with the demands of a situation, then that situation becomes stressful. However, people view situations and their ability to cope with them differently, so what is stressful for one person is not necessarily stressful for another.

Your ability to cope with and manage pressure is determined by your resilience. Your level of resilience reflects your ability to maintain and enhance your effectiveness in the midst of a fast-paced, high pressured and continuously changing environment. The more resilient you are, the more able you are to cope with life’s pressures, and the more effective you become in managing issues.

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